explore-twitter-s-evolution-2006-to-present-26da93b8c5Believe it or not, being popular on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you’re engaging your audience the way you should. While it’s important to have a lot of followers so you can reach a broad audience, it’s important that your audience also likes your tweets, shares your tweets, and ultimately purchases services or products from you because of your tweets. Here are a few things you should know about having a strong Twitter presence – and they might surprise you.

Fact #1 – Followers are More Likely to Show You Love

When you have an active, happy Twitter fan base, you benefit in huge ways. For one, your followers are more likely to not only purchase from you, but recommend your business, too. Some 72% of followers are more likely to purchase from a small or medium business they follow, especially if they post updates that indicate that the business is heading in a good direction. Some 30% are more likely to recommend a small business in comparison to a large business, and nearly 90% of people, when recommended to a small business Twitter, will check it out if someone recommends them.

Fact #2 – Your Customers Feel More Connected to You

Even though a business is a business, that doesn’t mean it can’t have a “homey” feel that customers love. The truth is that SMB’s have one huge advantage over large businesses – personal care. You have the unique opportunity to show each and every individual customer that they mean something to you, and giving clients the opportunity to feel closer to your business and your brand is never a bad idea. Nearly 75% of followers feel more connected with a small business once they start following them. 73% of followers want updates on future products and services, so they follow to see what’s going to happen and how your business evolves – which makes them feel like they “grew up” with you.

Fact #3 – Even Your Paid Twitter Interactions are More Powerful

Like everything that costs money, it’s not unreasonable to question the effectiveness of an advertisement. Who knows if it’s going to reach the audience it’s supposed to reach? However, at least if you have a good Twitter presence, you know that you have a better shot at affecting the group that sees the ad. 34% of people who look at the Twitter page of a SMB after they see an ad interact with it, too, by either following or retweeting something that was said. However, this statistic is only true when it comes to small business ads, and only if the Twitter is active.

Twitter’s study can be found here, along with an infographic and more information about how an active Twitter benefits your business.

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